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A customer-focused understanding of quality is more than a principle among all Kuzuflex team players. This comprehension starts right at the step of selecting providers. Supplier’s who are chosen according to the criteria of both the quality and technical personnel of Kuzuflex are regularly evaluated every 3 month. Suppliers who fail to comply with these conditions are eliminated  from the “List of Approved Supplier’s” Thanks to the establishment of an excellent “Traceability” system within the facility, a possible customer claim can be handled within a very short period of time after the exact product information has gone in. Further more we can easily discover the root sources of such complaint and take all necessary precautions in order to prevent the same reoccurring in future. The customer gets a satisfactory explanation about the whole process. Bağlantı Ekleme Related content can be found through this link.

1- Welding Resistance Test
Each and every lot of manufactured hoses are carefully tested for welding resistance by means of testing devices that are calibrated via institutions who are accredited by TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation association). Due to this test, possible future problems caused by poor welding quality can be detected and prevented in advance.

2-Leak Test
After manufactured hoses are measured for inside diameter, outside diameter, wall thickness and pitch wideness they are forwarded for “Leak Test”. The specification of leakage testing differs according to the hose diameter and varies at Kuzuflex between 4 to 8 bars. (The innerwall is pressurised to be between 3 to 6 bars according to international standards)

3- Hydraulic Pressure Test
Hydraulic pressure test is applied to 100% of our metal hoses and is executed under 50 bars.*
*Indicates KZ 100 series metal hose with overbraid and couplings.
For detailed info please contact our Quality Management Department

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